"I had five fantastic sessions with Shaley to help me cope better with anxiety. Shaley is such a warm, calming person, so she quickly made me feel at ease and in good hands. The sessions were professional and very well personalised and i left each one feeling relaxed and content. The sessions genuinely helped and have given me ideas and tools to draw upon in the future too."

"Recently, my daughter attended a course of lovely hypnotherapy sessions with Shayley, to try and overcome anxiety about health concerns and food (among other things). She has no health issues but had a fear of becoming ill constantly. I wasn’t sure how successful the treatment would be and was worried that it might affect her in a negative way but it was absolutely worth it. My daughter loved it and was close to sleeping through it – which also doesn’t matter as they seem to absorb all the positive energy while they rest. Immediately after, she said she felt great – was bouncy and positive and over the next few days, without drawing any attention to her concerns, it became noticeable that she was no longer assessing her health with a microscope as she had been doing over the previous months. It was an absolute success and if we hadn’t been to see Shayley before the Covid19 outbreak really hit panic levels, I dread to think what he state of mind would have been like. Instead, she has breezed through it and has shocked us all with her calm and quite refreshingly indifferent awareness of it! Thank you Shayley, we will not forget how much you have done for us and I look forward to this all being over, so that I can resume some therapy for her to overcome some food worries."